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When Media & Link on KCR (KC) Details Category
30-Oct-07 PharmaNews (KC) In Europe, Nexavar is approved for the treatment of patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC) Nexavar
30-Oct-07 Bloomberg (KC) Pfizer's Axitinib Slows Kidney Cancer in Early Clinical Trial Axitinib
30-Oct-07 MedPage (KC) Another VEGF Inhibitor Shows Activity Against Kidney Cancer Axitinib
30-Oct-07 Washington Post (KC) New Drug Promising Against Tough-to-Treat Kidney Cancer Axitinib
30-Oct-07 MedicalNewsToday (KC)07-04a Promising Results For New Kidney Cancer Drug Axitinib
29-Oct-07 Western Mail (KC) Modern-day lifestyles cause us to pile on the pounds Kidney Cancer
26-Oct-07 Oxford Mail (KC) Cancer battle to end in Court Sutent
26-Oct-07 BioPortfolio (KC) Positive Results from AACR in San Francisco WX-G250, SCH66336
25-Oct-07 TradingMarkets (KC) EntreMed Shows Increased Survival With MKC-1 In Preclinical Renal Cell Cancer Model MKC-1
25-Oct-07 Rugby Advertiser (KC) Relief and sadness as Last Hope Appeal come to an end Sutent
25-Oct-07 FDANews (KC) ZymoGenetics Reports Results From Phase I/II Kidney Cancer Trial ZymoGenetics / Interleukin / Nexavar
25-Oct-07 SWales Echo (KC) Cancer survivor celebrates Lotto win Kidney Cancer
25-Oct-07 Rugby Advertiser (KC) Great campaign is tinged with sadness Sutent
24-Oct-07 CNNMoney (KC) Interim Phase 2 Data for Exelixis' XL880 Show Anti-Tumor Activity in Papillary Renal Cell Cancer XL880
24-Oct-07 Oxford Mail (KC) Cancer patient denied ‘wonder drug’ Sutent
24-Oct-07 MedPage (KC) Immune Stimulation May Boost Kidney Cancer Response to Targeted Therapy Kidney Cancer
23-Oct-07 CancerConsultants (KC) Axitinib Provides Activity in Kidney Cancer Axitinib
23-Oct-07 Liverpool Post (KC) Businessman spent over £70,000 on his Kidney Cancer dies. KC / Nexavar / Keith DITCHFIELD
23-Oct-07 CNNMoney (KC) ZymoGenetics sees positive early data for potential kidney cancer treatment Nexavar, IL2
23-Oct-07 EurekAlert (KC) Clinical studies in the pipeline: the therapies of tomorrow in trials today Kidney Cancer
23-Oct-07 Newswise (KC) Exercise and Psychological Counseling Could Ease Cancer-related Fatigue Cancer
22-Oct-07 Rugby Advertiser (KC) Rugby man could get cancer drug Sutent
22-Oct-07 CNNMoney (KC) Aida's Rh-Apo2L Clinical Testing Shows Preliminary Efficacy in Helping to Treat Lung Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Lymphoma, Pancreatic Cancer & Kidney Cancer Rh-Apo2L
22-Oct-07 MedicalNewsToday (KC)07-04a ASCO Statement: Continued Decline In Cancer Death Rates Demonstrates Value Of National Investment In Cancer Research Avastin
22-Oct-07 biz.Yahoo (KC) The Renal Cancer Market: Targeted Therapies Rapidly Take Hold of Market Sutent / Nexavar
18-Oct-07 Matria (KC) Cryoablation Effective for Small Renal Masses Cryo Therapy
18-Oct-07 Salford Ads. (KC) Cancer sufferer is left short of cover Medical Insurance
18-Oct-07 Lancashire Telegraph (KC) Cancer campaigner Keith Dichfield dies Nexavar / KC / Keith Dichfield
17-Oct-07 Dogflu (KC) F&DA approves Ixempra for Breast Cancer to be tested for KC Ixempra
16-Oct-07 Medical Health Articles (KC) Avastin may be cancer wonder drug for Renal and Prostate Cancers Genentech
16-Oct-07 Google-Sina (KC) Avastin may be cancer wonder drug for pancreatic, renal, ovarian and prostate cancers Avastin / Kidney Cancer
16-Oct-07 Xinhuanet (KC) HK experts reveals lupeol in fruits helps combat cancer Cancer
16-Oct-07 FDA News (KC) Wilex’s Product Enters Phase III Trial Kidney Cancer
13-Oct-07 Derbyshire Telegraph (KC) Why has there been no ruling after nine months asks MP Sutent
12-Oct-07 Derbyshire Telegraph (KC) MP In Call for Answers re Sutent Sutent
12-Oct-07 Wilex (KC) IND approval from FDA for registration trial with CA9-SCAN CA9-SCAN
11-Oct-07 Neath Guardian (KC) Patient’s family angry at cancer consultant Sutent
11-Oct-07 EDP24 (KC) Cancer victim denied costly drug Sutent
10-Oct-07 J.O.Immunology (KC) Phase I/II Study of Vaccination With Electrofused Allogeneic Dendritic Cells/Autologous Tumor-derived Cells in Patients With Stage IV Renal Cell Carcinoma Kidney Cancer
11-Oct-07 NPR (Gen) Patients Turn to the Internet for Health Information Kidney Cancer Internet
09-Oct-07 Liverpool Post (KC) Dozens denied vital treatment by NHS bosses Sutent
09-Oct-07 Liverpool Post (KC) Scandal of live-or-die drugs lottery Sutent
08-Oct-07 The Times (KC) What price a few more years? Sutent
05-Oct-07 Reuters (KC) Belly fat, weight cycling ups kidney cancer risk Kidney Cancer
04-Oct-07 PressTV.IR (KC) Bananas cut risk of renal cancer Kidney Cancer
03-Oct-07 CancerFocus (KC) First Multiple Drug Trial to Attack Blood Vessel Formation in Kidney Cancer Avastin,Nexavar,Torisel
02-Oct-07 BBC (KC) A Cornish man suffering from kidney cancer has won his battle to get his local Primary Care Trust (PCT) to pay for a life-extending drug Sutent
01-Oct-07 ICNewcastle (KC) Grandad's delight at getting Sutent. Sutent
01-Oct-07 MedicalNewsToday (KC)07-04a European Committee Issues Positive Opinion On Wyeth's TORISEL For Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma Torisel
01-Oct-07 Denver.YourHub (KC) Kyle Blakeman Memorial Renal Medullary Carcinoma Awareness Fund Renal Medullary Carcinoma
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