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When Link Details Category
29-Jun-07 Rugby Advertiser (KC) No CRIME - just a sentence of death from Warwickshire PCT Sutent / Warwickshire PCT
28-Jun-07 TotallyJewish Charlie Wolf Columnist & Radio Presenter battling Kidney Cancer Kidney Cancer / Radio-Frequency Ablation
28-Jun-07 MSNmoney Rexahn wins another patent Archexin
27-Jun-07 RadioToday.co.UK Charlie WOLF of TalkSPORT Diagnosed with Kidney Cancer to have Radio-Frequency Ablation Kidney Cancer / RFA
27-Jun-07 The Daily Mail Doctors 'cooked' my spine tumour - now I'm pain free - an article on a case where HIFU was used and also comments on Kidney Cancer abd others where researchers are working on HIFU HIFU
26-Jun-07 The Scotsman Rationing in The Devolved Irresponsibility of a Regionalised Medical Service with post code lottery as a result in receiving treatments & Drugs. Rationing of Health Supply
26-Jun-07 The Times of India Hope for kidney tumour patients Hollywood talent manager Louis Bersha had an inoperable left kidney cancer treated by radio-frequency ablation (RFA) Radio-Frequency Ablation
25-Jun-07 NewsWise Radio-Frequency Ablation Vaporizes Inoperable Kidney and Liver Tumors RFA
22-Jun-07 The Sentinel Wonder Drugs Shown To Shrink Tumours in RCC Nexavar / Sutent
20-Jun-07 Wine Spectator A Drink a Day Helps the Kidneys, Research Suggests

Examination of previous studies found that moderate daily consumption of alcohol lowered the risk of kidney cancer

A Glass of Wine May Help
18-Jun-07 The Times An Article Generally regarding progress in Kidney Cancer Treatment in the UK particularly Avoren / Avastin / Sutent
18-Jun-07 The Western Mail Patientscancer site:

A New KidneyCancerResource launched by two patients

Kidney / Bladder / Prostate
15-May-07 Symptoms-Cancer.Awardspace Moderate Drinkers May Be Less Likely to Develop Kidney Cancer Than Teetotalers, Researchers Say Kidney Cancer
11-Jun-07 MedicalNewsToday (KC) Pazopanib From GSK Shows Positive Results In Patients With Advanced RCC And Ovarian Cancer Pazopanib
10-May-07 UPI The profitable gains in profit for Onyx from Nexavar Nexavar / Torisel
09-Mar-07 BBC Denial of Sutent to a 24 year old in Lincolnshire Sutent
08-Jun-07 The Northern Echo Cost is not an issue in cancer drug approval PCT
08-Jun-07 The Northern Echo Firm vows to cut cancer drug cost by 5%! Thus 30 capsuals will cost 12.5mg = £840.75;

25mg = £1,681.50; 50mg = £3,363.00 from May 8th.!!

02-Jun-07 The Sentinel A Kidney Cancer patient has been offered a pioneering new treatment - just days after being refused funding for the wonder drug Nexavar Stem Cell Transplant
02?-Jun-07 The Sentinel A Kidney Cancer patient Angelena Buxton has been refused funding for the wonder drug Nexavar by N. Staffs. PCT Nexavar / PCT
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