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The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (N.I.C.E.)

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N.I.C.E. (Stuff) 04-Nov-08

  • Appraising End Of Life Treatments

Renal Cell Carcinoma - letter to consultees and commentators

South Wales Argus (KC) 06-Oct-08-02

  • Website founders give support

South Wales Argus (KC) 06-Oct-08

South Wales Argus (KC) 24-Sep-08

  • Grandad's fight for cancer drug

HEATON-HARRIS, Chris 26-Aug-08

DAVIES, David (KC) 26-Aug-08

Yours Magazine (KC) 26-Aug-08

  • The Living Nightmare 'I'm not ready to die'....

BBC (KC) 26-Aug-08

The Times (KC) 26-Aug-08

James Whale Press Release 25-Aug-08

  • James Whale Press Release....

Echo (KC) 26-Aug-08

  • Backlash over axe for specialist drugs cash....

Oxford Mail (KC) 26-Aug-08

  • Doctors back cancer drug protest....

Renal & Urology News (KC) 25-Aug-08

  • Difficult RCC Cases Respond to New Drug....

Telegraph (KC) 25-Aug-08

  • Senior doctor accuses Government of destroying NHS....

The Guardian (KC) 25-Aug-08

  • Specialists question decision not to fund drugs for kidney cancer....


BBC (KC) 24-Aug-08

  • Experts in drug 'ration' warning....

Sunday Times (KC) 24-Aug-08

  • Cancer drugs due a review....

BBC (KC) 24-Aug-08

  • Experts in drug 'ration' warning

Daily Mail (KC) 12-Aug-08

Belfast Telegraph (KC) 12-Aug-08

  • NHS should not save lives if it costs too much: watchdog

The Times (KC) 08-Aug-08

Swansea Evening Post (KC) 08-Aug-08


The Times (KC) 07-Aug-08 / 01

  • Case Study: ‘After three tablets, my tumour shrank’

Bristol Evening Post (KC) 07-Aug-08

The Times (KC) 07-Aug-08

BBC (KC) 07-Aug-08

Daily Mail KC 07-Aug-08-02

  • Nasty truth about NICE: It's the body that rations NHS drugs. But this leading cancer specialist says its decisions are deeply flawed

Daily Mail (KC) 07-Aug-08

The Sun (KC) 07-Aug-08

N.I.C.E. 01-Feb-08

  • Join the guideline development group for metastatic malignant disease of unknown primary origin

N.I.C.E. 16-Jan-08


An Interesting Reflection on N.I.C.E. was that when I entered Nexavar in the search on 'Guidance' on Their Web Site on 2007.06.23 the result shown was:

You searched for: Nexavar

Between January 1999 and June 2007

No results found.

An Interesting Reflection on N.I.C.E. was that when I entered Sutent in the search on 'Guidance' on Their Web Site on 2007.06.23 the result shown was:

You searched for: Sutent

Between January 1999 and June 2007

No results found.

However there was a document in .pdf format available (The Same One) in the general search when one entered Sutent or Nexavar - perhaps you might care to read this 'pearl of wisdom' merely [Click Here]

You will however be pleased to note there is a huge amount of information loaded at great cost telling us all of the magnificence of N.I.C.E. frankly I incline to see this as little more than an excercise in self service typical of most QUANGOs though I do concede the number of people dying whilst they 'polish' their web sites and seek to justify their expenditure may cloud my judgement a tad. User:Greg L-W.

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