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31-Dec-2007 DerbyEvgTel (KC) POSTCODE LOTTERY OF OUR CANCER CARE KC / Sutent / Cancer
31-Dec-07 Journal Live (KC) Home is sold to help son’s cancer battle Sutent / PCT
28-Dec-2007 DailyPost Liverpool (KC) Merseyside kidney cancer patients to be given fighting chance Sutent / PCT
25-Dec-2007 PressTV Tehran (KC) Coffee, tea reduce kidney cancer Kidney Cancer
25-Dec-2007 New York Post (KC) COFFEE & TEA BAG CANCER Kidney Cancer
24-Dec-07 DailyPost Liverpool (KC) Gene therapy boost for kidney cancer patients Gene Therapy / Kidney Cancer
24-Dec-07 MedicalNewsToday (KC)07-04b A New Treatment Option For Patients With Renal Cancer Bevacizumab / Interferon
24-Dec-07 Lep (KC) Youngster honoured after cancer fight Kidney Cancer / Wilms Tumour
22-Dec-07 U.S.News (KC) New Combo Treatment Extends Kidney Cancer Survival Avastin / Interferon
21-Dec-07 Hawick News (KC) Brave Anthony's on trail of santa.... Kidney Cancer
20-Dec-07 Neath Guardian (KC) Great-gran's plea over life-saving drug Sutent
19-Dec-07 PharmaTimes (KC) Avastin wins fourth cancer approval in Europe Avastin
19-Dec-07 PharmaLive (KC) Wilex Updates the Status of the Rencarex Phase III-Ariser Study Following the Positive Interim Analysis for Futility Ariser
19-Dec-07 HONIonline (KC) ASCO announces top cancer advances of 07 in annual progress report Cancer
19-Dec-07 The Herald (KC) I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t had a scan Kidney Cancer
19-Dec-07 The Northern Echo (KC) PCTs still refusing to prescribe new drug Sutent
19-Dec-07 Forbes (KC) Roche's Avastin receives EU approval to treat renal cancer UPDATE Avastin
18-Dec-07 Independent (KC) Chocolate: A cure for cancer? Cancer
17-Dec-07 MedicalNewsToday (KC)07-04b Patients Given Sunitinib Need Close Monitoring For Cardiac Problems Sutent
17-Dec-07 SandiegoSource (KC) Pfizer receives award for advanced kidney cancer therapy Sutent
17-Dec-07 (KC) Cryotherapy Helps Treat Kidney Cancer Cryotherapy
16-Dec-07 Sunday Mail Au (KC) 'Holy Grail' of treatments expected within two years Cancer
14-Dec-07 GSK media (KC) exercises its options to further develop and commercialise Exelixis’ anti-cancer C-Met inhibitior XL880 XL880 / Kidney Cancer
14-Dec-07 Reuters (KC) Pfizer slips on Chantix, Sutent safety concerns Pfizer / Sutent
14-Dec-07 Science Daily (KC) Why Vaccines Directed Against Cancer, HIV Don't Work (not as negative as the title sounds) Cancer
14-Dec-07 Market Watch (KC) Roche gets European panel backing for three cancer drugs Avastin / Kidney Cancer / Roche
13-Dec-07 Oxford Mail (KC) Dithering NHS is in disgrace Oxfordshire PCT
13-Dec-07 CNNMoney (KC) Cleveland BioLabs Recaps Development of Lead Compounds Curaxin / CBLC102
12-Dec-07 Oxford Mail (KC) Cancer victim Stephen Dallison wins drug battle Sutent
12-Dec-07 DailyPost (KC) Campaigner Kate’s cancer plea after drugs setback Nexavar / Sutent
10-Dec-07 Western Mail (KC) Call for Italian-style access to cancer drugs AWMSG / N.I.C.E.
10-Dec-07 Hemscott (KC) Oxford Biomedica's phase III Trovax trial to go ahead without modifications TroVax / Oxford Biomedica
10-Dec-07 Genetic Eng & Bio (KC) ZymoGenetics Presents Positive Interim Phase 1 Results for IL-21 in Combination with Rituxan(R) in B Cell Lymphoma IL-21 / Rituxan
07-Dec-07 wfTV9 (KC) Drug Doubling Life Expectancy For Kidney Cancer Patients Torisel
07-Dec-07 UroToday (KC) Elective Nephron Sparing Surgery for Renal Cell Carcinoma Larger Than 4 cm - Abstract Kidney Cancer
05-Dec-07 CNNMoney (KC) Wyeth Receives Honors at the 07 Scrip Awards Torisel
05-Dec-07 WallStreetJournal (KC) Novartis Plans Four New Cancer Drugs Novartis / RAD001
05-Dec-07 China Post (KC) New target drug against renal cancer approved Nexavar
05-Dec-07 Reuters (KC) Novartis to sell 4 new cancer drugs by 2011 Novartis / RAD001
04-Dec-07 Canada News (KC) Ontario funds new life-enhancing treatment for kidney cancer Sutent
03-Dec-07 Oxford Mail (KC) Trust defers cancer treatment decision Sutent
03-Dec-07 Indipendence Inst. (KC) Health care "reform" in Colorado: Go home and die; it's cheaper Scottish Medicines Consortium
03-Dec-07 CNNMoney (KC) Studies of tumors in humans have associated cMET with more aggressive forms of cancer, such as renal cancer, ..... cMET / KC / SGX523
02-Dec-07 U.S. Department of Defence (KC) U.S. Department of Defence Kidney Cancer Project - IDENTIFICATION OF GENES Kidney Cancer
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