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What should we Tell The Family

This should be handled with care as you may need much support and help from family members as the disease progresses or in convalescence.

Lets start with the Basics:

  • Trust your instincts!
  • Lack of information can lead to isolation
  • Use the word “cancer
  • There is a risk of your children finding out from someone else – which could lead to loss of trust
  • We cannot protect children from feeling sad, sharing emotions can bring you closer together
  • Being honest does not mean telling everything it means telling the truth!


Helping young members of the family 10 - 16 and you will find RipRap really helps so Click Here

CancerBackUp also offer an excellent support service with many helpfull leaflets which can be accessed via their web site so just Click Here alternately use their FREEPHONE 0808-800 1234

CancerBackUp has a whole section on talking to children about your cancer and it is hard to beat - have a look for yourself just Click Here it covers:

  • Talking to children
  • Talking about your cancer
  • Coping with changes
  • Different ages & stages
  • Children's feelings
  • If you are not going to recover
  • Sharing experiences, good and bad
  • Children with learning disabilities
  • Patient information guide
  • Talking about your cancer
  • Emotional effects

A bit of a last resort, as I saw it, but it might help do try WinstonsWish

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