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Testicle Cancer also commonly called Testicular Cancer developes, not unnaturally, in the Testicles or Testes, the male reproductive glands. The Testicles are located in the skin and membrane pouch below the Penis called the Scrotum they are suspended from the body by the spermatic cord. The membrane is able to raise (bringing the Testicles closer to the body) or lower them further from the body - this maintains the Testicles at a controlled temperature best able to produce healthy Spermatazoa. The Testicles produce the male reproductive cells Spermatazoa known more commonly assperm also Testosterone.

Testicle Cancer rarely occurs in both Testicles and if detected early it is treated successfully in more than 90% of cases.

Incidence and Prevalence

Incidence of Testicular Cancer is rising for reasons that are not clearly understood.

The American Cancer Society claims that about 7600 cases are diagnosed each year in America; of these about 400 men die of the disease every year in the United States, most commonly because despite being aware of symptoms they did not go immediately to their Doctor.

The disease is most common amongst men between the ages of 18 and 32 and is approximately 5 times more common in America in Caucasian Americans than Negro Americans. Germany, Scandinavia, and New Zealand have the highest apparent incidence of Testicular Cancer than Asia and Africa where incidence is seemingly lowest.

The instance of Testicular Cancer in Britain is rising fairly rapidly with approaching 2,000 cases being diagnosed each year with a morbidity rate of about 150-200.

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