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When Media & Link on KCR (KC) Details Category
26-Sep-07 EUropean CanCer Org. (KC) New Drug Axitinib Brings Hope to Advanced Kidney Cancer Patients Axitinib
26-Sep-07 MedicExchange (KC) Renal cell carcinoma: imaging and therapy Kidney Cancer
26-Sep-07 Motley Fool (KC) Onyx Moves Ahead Nexavar
25-Sep-07 (KC) Study found racial disparity in kidney cancer outcome Kidney Cancer
24-Sep-07 Rugby Advertiser (KC) Rugby Kidney Cancer sufferer denied drug Warwickshire PCT / Sutent
20-Sep-07 CNNMoney (KC) European Committee Issues Positive Opinion on Wyeth's TORISEL(TM) for Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma Torisel
20-Sep-07 Rugby Advertiser (KC) Will the PCT now help the other cancer sufferers? Sutent
20-Sep-07 Richmond & Twickenham Times (KC) Star-studded charity match at Tooting & Mitcham The James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer
19-Sep-07 Free Press Cancer Sufferers Out To Help Others on KCR / UCR KCR / UCR
18-Sep-07 The Visitor (KC) Mum's run against cancer of 2 year old KC Kids
16-Sep-07 The Star My (KC) New advances in the treatment of kidney cancer Kidney Cancer
15-Sep-07 Times Colonial (KC) TV's Stephen Andrew fights cancer diagnosis Kidney Cancer
14-Sep=07 Rugby Advertiser (KC) Cancer sufferer may get drugs in dramatic U-turn Sutent
13-Sep-07 Rugby Advertiser (KC) Man denied cancer drug five times Warwickshire PCT / Sutent
13-Sep-07 Oxford Mail (KC) £9m for cancer drug trial Trovax
09-Sep-07 The Sydney Morning Herald (KC) Fat, chance and cancer Kidney Cancer
07-Sep-07 Send2Press(KC) New Treatments for Kidney Cancer Offer Hope, but Create Difficult Choices for Cancer Patients Kidney Cancer
06-Sep-07 ICNewcastle (KC) ‘Magic bullet’ free to first 60 cancer patients Sutent
06-Sep-07 Rugby Advertiser (KC) Sutent cancer campaign goes to EUrope Warwickshire PCT / Sutent
05-Sep-07 Science Daily (KC) Cancer Can Be Detected By Scanning Surface Veins Cancer
05-Sep-07 (KC) Good and bad news on cancer rates Kidney Cancer
05-Sep-07 The Mirror (KC) Drug firm in cancer fight offer Sutent / TroVax
04-Sep-07 The Irish Times (KC) New cancer cases up 3% each year Kidney Cancer
04-Sep-07 BBC (KC) Cancer patients offered free drug Sutent / TroVax
03-Sep-07 The Northern Echo (KC) It seemed like a Nice idea in the beginning Sutent
03-Sep-07 BBC (KC) Heaton-Harris' Challenge to NHS funding lottery for Sutent on BBC Sutent
03-Sep-07 The Guardian (KC) EU asked to rule on Sutent for patients by Chris Heaton-Harris MEP Sutent
02-Sep-07 Channel4 TV (KC) Chris HEATON-HARRIS MEP asks EU to rule on Sutent supply under anti Discrimination laws Sutent
01-Sep-07 Western Mail (KC) 'Why can’t my dad have this drug? Sutent
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