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This section is dedicated to news coverage of Prostate Cancer. Over time this will become an invaluable resource for all concerned.

We would like to thank all the members of The Media who have done so much to help us all to RAISE AWARENESS OF PENILE, TESTICLE, PROSTATE, BLADDER & KIDNEY CANCER and in reproducing articles from the media wherever possible we provide links to the original article and publication in which it featured as an acknowledgement to their efforts on our behalf as patients and carers Challenged by Prostate Cancer

We trust that Journalists and publishers who have done so much to help us RAISE AWARENESS OF PENILE, TESTICLE, PROSTATE, BLADDER & KIDNEY CANCER will take no offence at our reproduction of their work and accept our thanks for their generosity. As one who is Challenged by Kidney Cancer & now Bladder Cancer Thank you

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KCR Receives 'News Feeds' about Prostate Cancers these are posted and archived on a regular basis. To keep up to date or research the archive Click Here

In The Media

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In The Media January to July-2007

When Media & Link on KCR (PC) Details Category
31-Jul-07 (PC) Clarient Inc. & New Molecular Diagnostic Test for Prostate Cancer Prostate Cancer
31-Jul-07 MotleyFool PC Satraplatin Application by GPC withdrawn pending Trial Results Satraplatin
17-Jul-07 PCC (PC) Major UK Prostate Cancer trial announced Prostate Cancer
12-Jul-07 STUFF PC Prostate cancer - the quiet killer A New Approach
12-Jul-07 ABC12 PC HealthFirst-New Prostate treatment Prostate
27-Jun-07 The Free Press (PC) Front row legend kicks cancer into touch Prostate Cancer
11-Jun-07 Western Mail (PC) Male cancer awareness campaign launched Prostate Cancer
24-May-07 The Times on PC Men miss prostate cancer symptoms through ‘ignorance’ Prostate Cancer
16-May-07 The Times: Thomas Stuttaford on PC Dr Thomas Stuttaford answers your questions on prostate cancer

The Times doctor explores readers' concerns about prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer
30-Mar-07 Northern Echo PC MP supporting The Local Prostate Cancer Group & Raising Awareness PC
19-Mar-07 Western Mail (PC) 'Never a better time for men to get to know their prostate Awareness PC
26-Feb-07 MedPage (PC) ASCO PROSTATE: Docetaxel-Based Therapy Viewed for Refractory Prostate Cancer Docetaxel

In The Media -2006

When Media & Link on KCR (PC) Details Category
09-Nov-06 Science Daily (PC) Rapidly Rising PSA Before Treatment Is Key Indicator Of Cancer Spread PSA
05-Jun-06 Western Mail (PC) 'Check your tackle and eat more tomatoes'. Veggies help fight PC Prostate Cancer
27-Feb-06 Science Daily (PC) Androgen Deprivation Therapy Does Not Keep Localized Prostate Cancer From Spreading, New Study Says Androgen Deprivation


When Media & Link on KCR (PC) Details Category
15-07-05 Clinical Cancer Research (PC) Neoadjuvant Docetaxel before Radical Prostatectomy in Patients with High-Risk Localized Prostate Cancer Docetaxel
03-May-2005 New Scientist (PC) Oral contraceptive may cause foetal Prostate deformity Prostate
22-Jan-05 Science Daily (PC) Mitochondrial DNA Mutations Play Significant Role In Prostate Cancer Prostate Cancer / DNA


When Media & Link on KCR (PC) Details Category
09-Jun-2004 New Scientist (PC) Gene may predict killer Prostate Cancers Prostate Cancer
08-Jun-2004 Daily Mail (PC) Prostate cancer prediction discovery Prostate Cancer


When Media & Link on KCR (PC) Details Category


When Media & Link on KCR (PC) Details Category


When Media & Link on KCR (PC) Details Category
25-Jun-2001 Daily Mail (PC) Prostate Cancer cases to double in 20 years Prostate Cancer


When Media & Link on KCR (PC) Details Category

before 2000

When Media & Link on KCR (PC) Details Category
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