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29-Nov-07 UroToday (KC) Robotic Partial Nephrectomy for Complex Renal Tumors: Surgical Technique Nephrectomy
27-Nov-07 CNNMoney (KC) Cleveland BioLabs Launches Phase II Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma Trial for Curaxin CBLC102 Curaxin / CBLC102
27-Nov-07 CNNMoney (KC) Wyeth Pharmaceutical Gets EU OK For Torisel In Advanced Kidney Cancer Torisel
27-Nov-07 PharmaTimes (KC) Wyeth gets approval in Europe for renal cancer drug Torisel Torisel
27-Nov-07 Oxford Mail (KC) Losing out on cancer funds Sutent
27-Nov-07 UroToday (KC) Renal Vein Thrombosis in Transitional Cell Carcinoma - Abstract Transitional Cell Carcinoma
27-Nov-07 UroToday (KC) HLA-G as a Target Molecule in Specific Immunotherapy against Renal Cell Carcinoma - Abstract HLA-G
26-Nov-07 (KC) £5 million grant for ultrasonic cancer treatment HIFU
26-Nov-07 Telegraph (KC) Figures reveal cancer care 'postcode lottery' POSTCODE LOTTERY
26-Nov-07 Science Daily (KC) Cryoablation Continues To Show Good Results For Kidney Cancer Patients Cryo Therapy
25-Nov-07 eMaxHealth (KC) EntreMed Shows Increased Survival In Preclinical Renal Cell Cancer Model MKC-1
22-Nov-07 Neath Guardian (KC) Cancer patient fights for life Sutent
21-Nov-07 Inside Iraq (KC) Dying Alone Kidney Cancer
19-Nov-07 PRdomain (KC) Nexavar first FDA-approved drug therapy for liver cancer Nexavar / F&DA / Kidney Cancer
19-Nov-07 The Sentinel (KC) ANGELENA SET FOR KIDNEY OP. Nephrectomy / Nexavar
19-Nov-07 BBC (KC) Popping bubbles to treat cancer HIFU
19-Nov-07 Daily Mail(KC) 'If My Kidney is too far gone don't wake me' said Shock Jock James Whale. Kidney Cancer
18-Nov-07 Newswise (KC) Immune System Can Drive Cancers Into Dormant State Cancer
17-Nov-07 Norwich Evening News (KC) My wife is being denied vital drug Sutent
16-Nov-07 Forbes (KC) Roche says Avastin gets positive opinion in Europe for kidney cancer treatment Avastin
16-Nov-07 GMtoday (KC) Positive story of a Stage 4 RCC Patient Kidney Cancer
16-Nov-07 PharmaLive (KC) Avastin Receives Positive Opinion in Europe for First-Line Treatment of Patients with Advanced Kidney Cancer Avastin
15-Nov-07 Rugby Advertiser (KC) GOOD NEWS! Victory as Colin gets cancer drug for free Sutent
15-Nov-07 The Times (KC) All hail the mystic, President Drnovsek's Kidney Cancer Kidney Cancer
13-Nov-07 (KC) A sad state of affairs for UK patients by: Rose Woodward Sutent / Nexavar / Avastin
12-Nov-07 The Northern Echo (KC) Professor Tim Eisen of Adenbrookes blasts drugs lottery Sutent
11-Nov-07 MedicalNewsToday (KC)07-04b Percutaneous Core Biopsy For Renal Masses: Indications, Accuracy And Results Kidney Cancer
09-Nov-07 CNNMoney (KC) Perifosine (KRX-0401) in Patients with Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma Perifosine / Keryx
09-Nov-07 PubMed (KC) Switching from to or from Sutent & Nexavar Sutent / Nexavar
07-Nov-07 CNNMoney (KC) Medicare Sets Physician Payment Rate for Percutaneous Kidney Cryoablation Endocare / Cryoablation
06-Nov-07 BusinessWire (KC) Results from Phase 1 Study of AVEO’s Novel Triple VEGF Receptor Inhibitor AV-951 Show 100% of Renal Cell Cancer Patients Achieved Partial Response or Stable Disease AV-951 / AVEO
06-Nov-07 The Sentinel (KC) NHS NEEDS TO FUND NEXAVAR Letter: A. QUAYLE Nexavar
01-Nov-07 Oxford Mail (KC) Latest cancer drug denied PCT / Sutent
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