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A list the drugs that can be used in the treatment of Kidney Cancer, please click on each drug heading for a more detailed description

We also list some of the drugs currently in research and clinical trials.


Interferon Alpha








Drugs in Trial




In trial phase II as of August 2007. A total of 36 patients are expected to be enrolled.


In trial phase II as of March 2007, expected to end December 2007. Has shown some signs of working on Renal Cell Carcinoma



In Phase II and IIB trials as of October 2007


  • trial terminated due to adverse reactions ( patient deaths)


Drugs in the Research Phase


Light Activated Molecules

Drug Funding

  • For support & advice on how to apply for NHS funding for kidney cancer drugs please see

Pain Killers

General Pain Killers

After a nephrectomy most people are advised to steer clear of certain pain killer drugs for fear of putting too much pressure on the remaining kidney. However, like everything, moderation is the key.

A recent article confirms a study done on the effects of pain killers on the kidney To see the article Click Here

Bellow are a few pointers picked up from other patients after they've spoken to their respective oncologists or specialists.

Always check with your own Specialist, Oncologist or GP before taking any medication

Also note that the trade names of drugs can vary from country to country

  • "Since stopping taking some OTC medications one patient noticed that the bleeding stopped, and it seemed to have had a marked improvement in pain and general feeling and energy levels all around. The patient suspected that maybe the OTC medications were having an anti-clotting effect, mildly impeding the healing process, thereby prolonging the general pain."
  • Another patient was "cleared to take motrin/advil in moderation"
  • "OTC pain meds are much weaker than prescription medications (220mg vs 400) and are safe to take"
  • "Tylenol is filtered through the liver and the amount that is allowed and safe to take for pain per day is 4 grams"
  • "5/5 Methadone liquid. It was recommended by a local hospice MD as a cheap, effective pain killer."
  • "Acetametaphin (Tylenol) metabolizes in the liver, as opposed to the kidney. That is why doctors recommend only to use acetametaphin, to protect against stress on the kidneys"


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