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When Media & Link on KCR (KC) Details Category
31-Jul-07 North West Evening Mail (KC) Cancer kidney drug gets green light after hitch Sutent
31-Jul-07 Medline Plus (KC) Two-Drug Combo Tough on Kidney Cancer Nexavar / Interferon-Alpha
31-Jul-07 Canada Record (KC) B.C. first to fund treatment with new drug for advanced kidney cancer Sutent
29-Jul-07 Nursing in Practice Tea and coffee protect against kidney cancer Tea & Coffee
28-Jul-07 Kidney Cancer Association USA - A comprehensive guide to Kidney Cancer called We have Kidney Cancer Kidney Cancer
27-Jul-07 The Northern Echo (KC) Sutent funding but not for Kathleen Devenport! Sutent / PCT
27-Jul-07 The Northern Echo (KC) Kidney Cancer drug decision hailed as major breakthrough KC
26-Jul-07 NHS PRESS RELEASE (KC) Funding agreed for new kidney cancer drug Sutent
26-Jul-07 FDANews Oxford Biomedica Announces Recommendation to Continue TroVax Trial TroVax / Trial
24-Jul-07 Daily Mail Your money or your life PCT refuses Tony Wilson Sutent Sutent / PCT
24-Jul-07 The Sentinel Progress on Privately Funded Nexavar..betrayal byNorth Staffordshire PCT Nexavar
18-Jul-07 BBC on KC Court sets a possible prescedent ordering PCT to pay for treatment. Avastin
13-Jul-07 South Wales Evening Post Local PCT refuses Sutent to local elderly lady. Sutent / PCT
12-Jul-07 Manchester Evening News (KC) Regional PCT refuses Sutent to local hero Sutent / PCT
11-Jul-07 BBC on KC Friends fund Anthony Wilson's cancer drug Sutent / PCT
11-Jul-07 Herald Tribune Florida Trichloroethylene, or TCE in water a significant risk for KC Kidney Cancer
10-Jul-07 Dorset Echo The lottery of NHS treatment NHS
10-Jul-07 The Scotsman (KC) Refusal to authorise Sutent by Scottish Medicines Consortium Sutent / SMC
10-Jul-07 Nursing in Practice SMC rejects Pfizer's Sutent for Scottish patients Sutent / SMC
09-Jul-07 Scottish Medicines Consortium Rejection of Sutent for use in Scottish Health Service for KC SMC / Sutent
09-Jul-07 The Sentinel The Death of Carole Buckley due to refusal of Nexavar in North Staffordshire PCT Nexavar / Stem Cell Transplant
09-Jul-07 The Sentinel PCTs would pick up cost of Sutent & Nexavar OR NOT! Sutent / Nexavar
03-Jul-07 DailyIndia Boffins discover how cancer evades the immune system Kidney Cancers
02-Jul-07 The Cancer Blog An Article on The Kidney Cancer Resource Kidney Cancer
02-Jul-07 MedicalNewsToday (KC) Long-Term Follow-up Of Hand-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Nephrectomy For Organ-Confined Renal Cell Carcinoma Laparoscopic / Nephrectomy
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