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Do note that almost every item on this section can be individually downloaded and printed out - either to use as a hard copy or for someone without computer access or to hand to relatives and friends who may wish to know more:

At the end of the left Sidebar, or just before the disclaimer at the end of this page, is the instruction Print as .PDF - This will create a .pdf document which you can check over to be certain it is what you want and consider the number of pages before committing yourself to printing it out.

You may alternatively wish to save the.pdf document on your computer or mail it to a friend.

Adverts for Awareness

Date Added Download Description
. Advertising Cards Business Card Sized Web Site Advert Cards designed so that you can help RAISE AWARENESS and Save Lives by Printing Out some of these cards and spreading the word.
. Kidney Cancer Resource Business Cards Template - Create your own personalised Business cards to promote KCR.
. Who Is At Risk Of Kidney Cancer Who Is At Risk Of Kidney Cancer - An A4 POSTER that can be downloaded and printed for distribution & noticeboards.


Date Added Download Description
. We Have Kidney Cancer 100+ page book published here with permission from the Kidney Cancer Association made available Free on this site to read on line, download or print.
. The Role of Genes, Lifestyle and Environment in Cancer For the Full Summary of this 177 page book Click Here
. MD Anderson Manual of Medical Oncology .


Date Added Download Description
22-Jan-08 (added) DWP ib204 a 61 page .pdf containing details of Benefits - both sickness & disability, available as at time of posting.
20-Jan-08 KC Pamphlet a 13 page overview Pamphlet on KC ideal to print out as a .pdf to explain the outlines before 'digging' deeper.


Date Added Download Description
21-Feb-08 Cancer Facts & Figures of USA for 2008 from American Cancer Society a 72 Page Report giving many interesting details...
17-Dec-2007 House of Commons Report on N.I.C.E. 17-Dec-2007 117 Page full Report
08-Dec-07 UK Cancer Reform Strategy Executive Summary of latest UK Government Cancer Reform Strategy
03-Dec-07 Cancer Reform Strategy for UK DoH 03-Dec-2007 DoH full Report - 144 Pages download, view, save or print
25-Nov-07 Cancer Post Code Lottery DoH Data on Cancer Care can be converted to .pdf, (Instructions at the base of that page) downloaded & printed
C-May-07 Advances In Kidney Cancer Clinical Highlights from the 5th International Kidney Cancer Symposium Available as a .pdf for you to read, download or print out with about 25 pages of illustrated text.


Date Added Download Description
26-Jan-08 Biology of Cancer The biology of cancer an animated overview in 27secs.
26-Jan-08 TURBT Bladder Cancer - a Trans Urethral Resection of a Bladder Tumour in 42secs.
26-Jan-08 TURBT with Hexvix Bladder Cancer - a Trans Urethral Resection of a Bladder Tumour using Hexvix in 2m04secs.
26-Jan-08 Chemotherapy Chemotherapy - Peter Clark Consultant Medical Oncologist gives an outline on Chemo in 3m44secs for NHS Choice
26-Jan-08 Coping with Cancer Coping with Cancer - Prof. Jessica Corner Dir. of MacMillan Cancer Support introduces a series of patients explaining how they cope with the realisation and Challenges of cancer in 6m59secs. for NHS Choices
26-Jan-08 A Cyscoscopy A Cyscoscopy (Poke & Peek) (Flexi) entering through the urethra and through the urinary sphincture to view different areas of the bladder which is a pricedure caried out with a cystoscope which is slightly larger diamater than a bic pen and is a procedure which does not hurt albeit some strange sensations - 3m25secs.
26-Jan-08 Histopathology Bladder TCC Histopathology of the Urinary bladder - Transitional cell carcinoma in 3m39secs.
26-Jan-08 Histopathology of RCC Histopathology of the Kidney clearly showing and explaining Renal Cell Carcinoma in the Kidney in 3m37secs.
26-Jan-08 Histopathology of Acute transplant rejection Histopathology of the Kidney clearly showing and explaining Acute transplant rejection in the Kidney in 3m10secs.
26-Jan-08 A Kidney Tumour A Kidney opened to show the internal anatomy and showing a RCC clearly on the surface in 1m01secs.
26-Jan-08 Laparascopic Nephrectomy The Laparascopic Hand Assisted Removal of a kidney (Nephrectomy) in 6m58secs.
26-Jan-08 Metastasis Metastasis in cancer explained in overview with the help of animated diagrams in 2m11secs.
26-Jan-08 Open Nephrectomy A Nephrectomy carried out as an open operation a brief overview makes it look prety simple in 2mins!
26-Jan-08 Prostate Removal by Da Vinci Robot prostate problems, prostate cancer, kidney stones and disorders, bladder control problems, bladder cancer Da Vinci Robotic surgery explained in 10m34secs.
26-Jan-08 Prostate Cancer removal by Robot Prostate Cancer removal in detail using Robotic equipment at Thomas Jefferson Uni. Hospital in 1h1m01secs.
26-Jan-08 Prostate Examination Prostate Examination (DRE) simple but sometimes with unexpected consequences in 1m13secs.
26-Jan-08 TURP Prostate Resection Trans Urethrally in 4m49secs.
26-Jan-08 Radiotherapy Radiotherapy - Dr. Michael Williams Consultant Oncologist at Addenbrooks gives an outline on Radiotherapy in 4m38secs. for NHS Choices
26-Jan-08 Sutent Sutent - A New drug transforms kidney cancer fight - kidney cancer now have a new treatment option. Health Canada has now approved SUTENT for the treatment of metastatic renal cell carcinoma in 3m07secs.
26-Jan-08 Tumour Destruction Tumour Destruction an animated overview showing the process in 38secs.
26-Jan-08 Urinary Stones Urinary Stones in Bladder Ureter Kidney / Renal URS Video Cystoscopy a visual overview in 3m19secs.
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