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PRESS RELEASE - David T.C, Davies MP continued support....

I first became involved in the problems of Kidney Cancer back in 2001 when I was a member of the National Assembly for Wales; when a constituent in Chepstow, whom I had known for several years, developed the disease and asked for help in dealing with The Royal Gwent Hospital.

As a result, I have followed the progress of Greg Lance-Watkins as he faced the various Challenges of the disease and I have had several more constituents who developed the disease come to me seeking help, since I was elected MP for Monmouthshire.

During the last year I have had several constituents with both Kidney Cancer and Prostate Cancer. I have found www.KidneyCancerResource.com very helpful as it is written by patients for patients. I have no problem in recommending patients to consult the site and now notice they are taking a constructive role in gathering together the information, and acting as the notice board, in the stance against the strange and unacceptable "Post Code Lottery" for cancer drugs.

Those facing the Challenges of Kidney Cancer have not just my sympathy but can count on my support in the struggle to get the drugs they need, in view of the shocking decision of N.I.C.E. to withold the drugs Sutent, Nexavar, Avastin and Torisel regardless of the fact that their clinical track record is proven and they are used as a matter of course around the world.

It is clear that the leading Oncologists are at odds with N.I.C.E. on this issue and since N.I.C.E. would seem to be out of step with the rest of the world and at varience with The Government guidlines on cancer care one must see their decision as at very least unacceptable.

Had I not been irrevocably committed to pre booked appointments Kidney Cancer patients and their supporters could have counted on me to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in their peacefull demonstartion in High Holborn on Wednesday 27th. at noon, against the callous and ill conceived decision of N.I.C.E., which would seem to be an almost inevitable death sentence on those denied clinically recommended drugs.

You may count on my support in The House of Commons on this issue, particularly in view of the relative frivolity of many of the costly procedures which are performed in the health service and I will actively campaign to put the National back in to NHS and erradicate the "Post Code Lottery" that has come into being in the last few years.

During last year I actively supported the Early Day Motion 1050 of Ronnie Campbell MP

"That this House urges the Government to put pressure on the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence to make available the cancer treatment drugs Sutent and Nexavar on the NHS; notes that this treatment is being denied to patients across the country even though the drugs have been licensed and medical experts have had nothing but praise for the drugs, some saying that the drugs have shown to shrink tumours dramatically and in some cases disappearing altogether; acknowledges that the drugs may be expensive, but further notes that trials so far have shown them to be more than effective and that in some quarters they have even been called a wonder drug; is dismayed that Northumberland Primary Care Trust has denied this treatment to a constituent of the hon. Member for Blyth Valley; and urges the Government to make these drugs available on the NHS."

Since then the situation for Kidney Cancer patients has clearly deteriorated, leaving a bitter trail of disatisfaction and fear in the wake of what is clearly an unfair and unethical policy that shows an inability on the part of Government to deliver services, even to the standards of their own guidelines.

I wish all who face these tremendous Challenges every success in overturning this vexatious concept and my congratulations to www.KidneyCancerResource.com; The James Whale Fund, The Oxford Support Group and the rest of the organisations that are speaking out against this morally unacceptable decision.

I do wish I could be with you all today.

David T.C. Davies MP (Monmouthshire)

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