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We offer you the opportunity to add the names of any family, friends, associates or individuals known to you who faced The Challenges of Bladder Cancer and subsequently died.

Please Add anyone who YOU feel should be remembered in relation to Bladder Cancer

Please Add the name of the individual you wish to Commemorate in the appropriate Alphabetic Location by opening the -Edit- on the relevant letter. making your listing by SURNAME, Prename|SURNAME, Prename - Born:; Died:; Aged:

Editing the name into the list will help tremendously.

Once you have saved the entry in this section you are now ready to click on the entry and open If you have ANY difficulties adding the details to the list below see more details in our FAQ Section.

Having listed the name being commemorated, with dates, in the correct location -Save Page- the page.

You will now find the name is shown in Red - Please click on the name and this will now open the Named Page to write a full Obituary, Eulogy or In Memoriam, with such comments and anecdotes as you may feel suitable and best commemorate the individual concerned, signing your entry with YOUR name and the date of your the entry.

Have a look at a few other people's entries to decide what sort of style and comments you believe will best commemorate the individual you wish to see Remembered.

If you have any difficulty see more details in our FAQ Section


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Aaron Russo


BOWSHER, Windsor G. died: 11-May-2004



Dorothy Squires Died: 14-Apr-1998


Eugene Saenger Died: 30-Sep-2007



George E. MOORE Died: 19-May-2008

GRAYSON, Rhonda Died: 13-Dec-2007






Lorraine Rothman Died: 25-Sep-2007


Michael Paul PETRUZZI Died 21-Oct-2007

MOORE, George E. Died: 19-May-08




PETRUZZI, Michael Paul Died 21-Oct-2007



Rhonda GRAYSON Died: 13-Dec-2007

ROTHMAN, Lorraine Died: 25-Sep-2007

ROSTEN-MCDARRAH, Stacy (nee Rostenkowski) Died: 24-Dec-2007

RUSSO, Aaron


SAENGER, Eugene Died: 30-Sep-2007

SQUIRES, Dorothy Died: 14-Apr-1998

Stacy ROSTEN-MCDARRAH (nee Rostenkowski) Died: 24-Dec-2007








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