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This resource was started and created by Kidney Cancer patients who found it hard to hunt down the information they needed to properly judge their own condition and make informed decisions.

We would like to thank all who help now and have helped in the past - Health Professionals, family, friends, carers and fellow patients - We dedicate this site to them for you. When a Challenge like cancer hits you, panic can sometimes get the better of you. Our hope is that this resource will give anyone the information they need to ensure they are getting the best treatment & follow-up care and to help them to be more able to communicate how they feel.

This is your site, and as we all learn we help ourselves. With knowledge comes strength and the capacity to make informed decisions, or at the very least a better understanding that helps us ask the right questions.

KCR is a Non-Profit organistation and has no affiliations to pharmaceutical companies so it can remain truly independent.

Any related non profit organisations wishing to contribute information or link to the site please feel free to do so, we hope it helps. If KCR can help in anyway then please contact us via e-mail and we will try our best. If you want to create a section for your organisation then please do so at this link


  • To provide a living organic resource of information that Kidney Cancer Patients, Carers and Medical Professionals can easily maintain themselves.
  • The surface information, (being approximately those covered by the pages in the primary link in the sidebar on the left) should be easily understood and avoid being complex or technical. We aim to be easy to understand for someone who has little medical knowledge and only basic computer skills.
  • To communicate in plain every day English to help those who have an interest in the Challenges of kidney cancer and related diseases and disorders in general.
  • The initial pages should help inform the reader in generalities, without being too complicated, or even exact in style, offering the patient or family member a simple basic understanding of the Challenges involved.
  • Users should be able to find more in depth material by Clicking on links from within the initial pages.
  • To provide the simplest, comprehensive and regularly updated resource for those with a serious interest
  • To provide this bredth of services for all the cancers which commonly present through Urology including those listed at the header of this page & varieties such as Wilms Tumour.
  • Do use the Search Box at the top left of this page - the more you use it the easier you will find it to use.

We hope you find the site easy to use. We realise it is unlikely that we will manage to please everyone, and therefore we appreciate any and all constructive recommendations. Particularly such recommendations as may be accompanied by assistance in building & maintaining the resource for others.

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Kidney Cancer Resource (KCR) is not influenced by sponsors. The information contained herein is not intended as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other licensed health care provider. The information provided here is for educational and information purposes only. Early accurate Diagnosis (Dx.) saves lives. Please check with a physician if you suspect you are ill, never ignore Symptoms. To help your health care specialist make an accurate Diagnosis please keep notes of dates, times and details of your Symptoms. We are not offering medical advice nor do we consider links, individuals or articles accessed through this site to be offering medical advice.

E&OE - Errors & Omissions Excepted

As much of the information posted on this Web Site for peoples convenience is of a medical or technical nature, and may be a matter of life or death the E&OE is a Disclaimer showing that to the best of our ability information is accurate and correctly written or transcribed. Before acting on information on this site you are responsible for checking it with your relevant medical team. We can not be held responsible for any Errors & Omissions made; nor for information on links and articles provided in good faith.

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