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Kevin EMSLEY The Journey from May to December 16th.

Kevin EMSLEY - The Funeral Service

Kevin EMSLEY, The Obituary


The Funeral of Kevin Elmsley took place in accord with his wishes, and that of his immediate family, at 13.00hrs. on Friday 21-Dec-2007

16-Dec-2007 - 04.15hrs. Kevin EMSLEY Died Peacefully In His Sleep, with his immediate family at hand, after a brave fight against the inexorable advance of metastisised Renal Cell Carcinoma

EMSLEY, Kevin - Funeral Service


having had a long conversation with Kitty she has asked me to inform you all that her precious husband and soul mate in life to date, the father of their three incredibly supportive children, after a determined battle helped by family and friends and medical support, particularly the staff at St. James' Hospital Leeds and their own Doctor -

Died peacefully in his sleep from 'Metastasise of Renal Cell Carcinoma' at 04.15hrs. Sunday 16th. December 2007.

Kitty has asked me to convey her thanks to Oxford Biomedica for permitting Kevin to remain on the TRISTrial, where she is convinced that Sutent extended his life in better quality than had he been denied the drug - this extra time gave her and their children Stef, Terri & Shaun the opportunity to grant Kevin leave to depart in peace, and he the opportunity to urge the four of them to grasp their lives ahead with ambition and both hands and celebrate all that they had had together, but never to let regret stand in the way of their futures.

Funeral arrangements were made in accord with the wishes of Kevin by his wife Kym and their 3 children - Kitty with Kevin's full approval has asked that flowers are minimal but donations are to be made for 'KidneyCancerResource.com' by payment to Mrs. K. Elmsley

It is the express wish of Kevin & Kitty that the money raised be used to fund and extend the services and support given by http://www.KidneyCancerResource.com rather than more funding for Research.

Kevin died with the courage and generosity with which he had confronted his whole life - determined to ensure the strongest of grounding and best of futures for his wife and children.

I only had the honour to speak with him a couple of times as he was a very sick man as he faced these Challenges but even then he always thanked KCR for what it had done to help him and his family.

The struggle of life is over Kevin, you handled it well, and the future is for Kitty and your children who you did all you could for.

Kitty asked me to assure you all that she deeply appreciates the help you have given her and that she will return to take an active role in http://www.KidneyCancerResource.com after the funeral and will bring both Kevin's IN MEMORIAM & Obituary upto date (on the KCR Site) and also her Blog - which will from now on reflect her own life and coping with the death of Kevin and her efforts for KCR.

A Happy Christmas to all and a very much better 2008 than was her 2007!

per pro Kitty (Kym) Emsley

Greg L-W.

OBITUARY & Further Details will follow after Kevin's funeral.


Kevin EMSLEY, The Obituary Click Here

Kitty (Kym) EMSLEY's Blog

Having fought, cried, ranted and laughed in awareness of the happiness Kevin & I shared - despite moments of black despair and fear, I have learned too much during this journey to throw it away.

Kevin & I have 3 great children and in Kevin's memory, and in and with their support, I intend to keep up my Blog and work with the team on KCR to raise awareness of Kidney Cancer and give Warm Hands to those who are facing the Challenges.

I intend to live for the future and for our children in memory of my wonderfull husband - the father of our children who I am so proud of.

To follow the rest of the journey and read my Blog Click Here


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