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VAT on privately supplied prescription drugs

There are 2 sources of official information about whether standard VAT is chargeable on prescription drugs/medicines – much seems to depend on the specific drug and how it is supplied i.e. is it a private prescription fulfilled at a Hospital Pharmacy or via another non-NHS pharmacy or is it an NHS prescription fulfilled at a Hospital Pharmacy. The situation is still not clear despite many attempts to get a clear statement from the Department of Health &/or the HM Revenue and Customs Agency, they are still loath to state formally what the process means for kidney cancer patients.

The result of this confusion is that patients may be charged V A T at 17.5% if they have to subsidise their cancer treatment by paying privately for their prescriptions and drugs.

Patients are advised to contact their own MP if they are being charged V A T which they don't believe is justified.

HM Revenue & Customs

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NHS Business Services Authority

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