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Google Bladder Cancer


Google provides the capability to have daily news feeds coming to you based on the search criteria selected.

KCR search on the following criteria:

KCR then ensure that only the relevant articles are published filtering out the unwanted advertising (sometimes referred to as Snake-Oil)

This is a wealth of information - to understand Bladder Cancer Treatments etc. We do hope this will help you.

Bladder Cancer has many of the same symptoms as Kidney Cancer until diagnosed it also frequently accompanies or follows Kidney Cancer, as the lining of the bladder and the tissue of the ureters and urithra are much the same as some of the tissue in the Kidneys.

You can set up your own search engines to find information as well, if you wish, or you can use this listing which as it builds a store will be available to all who are newly diagnosed or who wish to track information.

The research material may not be of help to some but if it helps just one person we hope you agree it is worthwhile. Those who have no need of this LINKS section need not return here unless their need changes in the future.

'For the research fan with time to track down material. Perhaps if YOU find anything really helpfull you might be good enough to flag it up'.


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