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Image:BC GRAYSON, Rhonda 02.jpg Happier Times!

Born: 1960


Died: 13-Dec-2007

at: Smyrna, formerly of Louisville, KY

Aged: 47

Rhonda was diagnosed with Hodgkinson's Lymphoma in her 20s and then diagnosed in early 2007 with Bladder Cancer which finally ended her gifted life and contributions to so many others.


Rhonda Grayson is a CNN News reporter for Dr. Sanjay Gupta. She got news of her stage 4 bladder cancer in January of 2007 and was not given much time to live. Rhonda's shares stories of healing and gratitude for her time here on earth and offers insights into dealing with cancer for all those who are going through this life changing disease. This show is dedicated to Rhonda's special gift to make a difference on the planet. More interviews to come with my angel best friend...she is amazing!

After 3 or 4 months at the end of 2006 visiting her Doctors & Urology departments Rhonda was undignosed because the medical profession did not expect bladder cancer and despite classic symptoms was repeatedly misdiagnosed as bladder infection with endless prescriptions of anti biotics which merely masked symptoms.

It was not until Rhonda collapsed in agony bleeding in January that she was rushed into hospital and diagnosed with advanced (Stage 4) Bladder Cancer in the emergency room! A failure of diagnosis may well be the cause of Rhonda's rapid demise and as a professional health reporter someone should have diagnosed her disease in time to save her life - she did so much for others.


Rhonda Grayson   
Family-Placed Death Notice

Rhonda Jean Grayson, 47, of Smyrna, formerly of Louisville, KY passed away peacefully on Thursday. December 13, 2007, In her life Ms. Grayson was a television producer with the Cable News Network (CNN) specializing in medical news stories with Dr. Sonja Gupta. Rhonda had a zest for life and was interested in traveling, bird watching, fall festivals, fitness, movies, concerts, the Ocean and spending time with her loyal dog Skye. Rhonda was a member of Lee's Lane Baptist Church of Louisville, KY. Ms. Grayson leaves behind her parents, Roger and Shirley Heisler of Louisville, KY, brothers Roger Allen Heisler Jr. of Louisville, KY and Steven David Heisler of California. Ms. Grayson also leaves behind her loving boyfriend Matt Loewinthan of Duluth, GA. The family will receive friends on Sunday from 2-8:00 PM at the funeral home. The funeral service will take place from the funeral home chapel on Monday at 11:00 AM with the Rev. Ken Hawkins officiating.

Those desiring may send contributions to the American Cancer Society, 2200 Century Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30345. Georgia Memorial Park Funeral Home and Cemetery, 2000 Cobb Parkway S.E., Marietta, GA 30060. 770-432-0771.


Cancer Survivor Profile: Rhonda Grayson

CNN Feature Reporter Brings Story of ChemoChic to Life

Image:BC GRAYSON, Rhonda.jpg Rhonda Grayson and Skye

CNN Feature Reporter Rhonda Grayson’s mission is to bring positive stories to the community. Fueled by her personal experience with cancer and a desire to give something back, Rhonda helped bring ChemoChic to worldwide attention.

She was only in her twenties when she learned she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After more than a month of night sweats and losing weight, she knew something was wrong.

“You learn so many things when you have cancer,” said Grayson. “One of the biggest lessons is learning to listen to your body.”

Rhonda was living in Los Angeles when she was diagnosed and recalls the hardships in finding support. None of her peers could relate to her experience, because she was so young. She was the only person in her family to have cancer, so they did not know how to respond either. She had to look for support in new places.

“I would go to the ocean,” said Grayson. “Its was so much bigger than anything I was going through, and it helped me to connect to a higher power.”

Now living in Atlanta, Rhonda recently found herself in an oncologist’s waiting room again after finding another lump in her neck. It was there that she noticed a poster for GCF’s ChemoChic program. Rhonda immediately called ChemoChic to get more details and she instinctively knew this would be a perfect CNN segment for the community.

“I felt so isolated and alone when I went through treatment,” Grayson said. “I would have loved a program like ChemoChic.”

She says the most important part of the story is its positive message. By using the power of television she is able to illustrate that cancer is not a death sentence and reinforce her favorite mantra, “Life is good.”

Rhonda’s ChemoChic story aired on CNN, CNN Headline News, and CNN International. It went out to over 1,100 affiliates locally and internationally.

Rhonda notes that giving something back to the community is important in the healing process. To further her commitment, Rhonda has graciously agreed to be the moderator for the Foundation’s newest program, Cancer Town Hall: Meet the Experts, in November. After nearly 10 years of silence about her disease, Rhonda was able to find a sense of wholeness by sharing the ChemoChic story with her public.

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  December 20, 2007 
I was just in Louisville because of my Mother's passing and found out about Rhonda's illness from our high school friends. I am so sorry to hear of her passing. Rhonda was beautiful - she was high school homecoming queen our senior year for both football and basketball, but most importantly, she was beautiful inside. Her smile lit up any room she was in. My heart goes out to her family for your loss. God is calling some wonderful children home right now, but we will see them again someday soon.

Janet Adams Fernette

  Janet Adams-Fernette (Houston, TX) 

Contact me

  December 20, 2007 
I went to school with Rhonda. She had a special quality about her that was genuine kindness and love of life. She had a great sense of humor and a great laugh which was infectious. I'm so sorry for your loss.  
  Cheryl Keeling (Louisville, KY)  

  December 19, 2007 
Rhonda and I were great friends in high school. We were in Western's Band together; we both played clarinet. Rhonda was always fun and kind. Her laugh and smile was infectious. The last itme I saw Rhonda was at a high school reunion. Later she mailed me pictures she took of all of us. I am so sorry I will never get to tell her again what a great friend she was.  
  Pamela Trowbridge Turner (Louisville, KY) 

Contact me

  December 19, 2007 
I was so sorry to hear of your loss. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help at this time.  
  Tosha (Austell, GA) 

Contact me

  December 19, 2007 
Although I didn't know you for very long, I enjoyed the time I did get to spend with you. Your family and friends are very wonderful and dedicated to you, and you all have left a place in my heart. God Bless you and your family. You will be missed.  
  Tosha (Austell, GA) 

Contact me

  December 19, 2007 
I spent many Saturdays with Rhonda at CNN, & we had many funny, wonderful conversations about life, work, family & everything else. I will remember her always. Godspeed, Rhonda.  
  Jan Ferrara (Decatur, GA)  

  December 18, 2007 

You were one of the brightest lights to ever come into my life. Your irrepressable spirit, sense of humor and wonderful laugh cannot be replaced. Your angelic presence touched me in so many ways that it's hard to count. Every one who ever got to know you was been forever changed for the better and all those people will miss you terribly. You absolutely will never be forgotten.

Much Love Always, Harry

  Harry Dunn (Atlanta, GA) 

Contact me

  December 18, 2007 
Rhonda, As you know, I was able to be there Monday with your family, co-workers and friends.What a great group of co-workers @ CNN. I bring all the wishes and love from your "West Coast Family" , "NYPD Blue" cast and crew, my mother Mary Lamont of Hyannis, Ma., Miss Heather in Seattle... As we used to say to each other when something wasn't good.... "I Don't Like It..." I'll always have you with me my Kitten Witten. I am going to miss you sooooooo much!

Love "Biddie Bob"

  Billy Concha (Hermosa Beach,, CA) 

Contact me

  December 18, 2007 
Rhonda dear angel, met u briefly but u 

left a print in our hearts. u r in a better place right now than ever before and all the pain is gone, now rest in peace where nothing troubles u anymore.

We know we’ll reconnect with u in glory at the end of our life’s journey. we will see ur cherished face again when we release our earthly load. Rest dear in God’s glorious arms.

Miss u all.

  janerose (JR) wairioko (smyrna, GA) 

Contact me

  December 17, 2007 
I'll always remember Rhonda's great smile. Heaven will now be an even brighter place with Rhonda's presence. God Bless.  
  Jennifer Grubb (Powder Springs, GA) 

Contact me

  December 16, 2007 
Offering our deepest condolences during this difficult time.  
  Georgia Memorial Park Funeral Home & Cemetery (Marietta, GA)  

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