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chromophobe /chro·mo·phobe/ (-fob) any cell or tissue not readily stainable, such as the chromophobe cells in the adenohypophysis.

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chro·mo·phobe (krm-fb) or chro·mo·pho·bic (krm-fbk)

adj. Resistant to stains; staining with difficulty or not at all. n. A cell that is resistant to stains.

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any cell, structure or tissue that does not stain readily; applied especially to the chromophobe cells of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland.

chromophobe adenoma

a nonfunctional pituitary tumor of the pars distalis is hormonally inactive but commonly causes clinical signs by compression of the pituitary gland and other nearby structures. Clinical signs include incoordination, weakness and exercise intolerance, muscle atrophy, sexual inactivity, blindness and dilatation and fixation of the pupils.

chromophobe carcinoma

rare nonfunctional pituitary tumors are usually large and invasive causing destruction of the pars distalis leading to panhypopituitarism and diabetes insipidus. There is extensive invasion of the brain and cranial bones, and metastases to spleen and liver and to regional lymph nodes may occur.

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