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Chemotherapy has proved of very poor efficacy in cases of Kidney Cancer. Chemotherapy is a form of systemic therapy where anti cancer drugs are introduced into the blood stream and travel throughout the body. There have however been great breakthroughs recently with a new generation of drugs including the newly proven Nexavar and Sutent, which have been shown beyond doubt to be effective in keeping Kidney Cancer under control for many patients.

Currently the British health service, due in the main to the break up of the NHS into EU Regional Organisations and poor management, is proving incompetent to supply these drugs with fatal consequences. The failure to supply these drugs when clinically advocated is a measure of the incompetence of management which shelters its ineptitude behind their own failure to make adequate provision for funding.

Before Your Chemotherapy You May Wish To Ask Your Medical Team:

1. How does this particular treatment work?

2. Why do you feel this treatment is appropriate for me?

3. What benefits do you expect me to gain from this treatment?

4. What side effects and risks are there of this treatment?

5. What can we do to mitigate the side effects & risks?

6. When will treatment start and how long will it continue?

7. Will I need to be in hospital at any stage and for how long?

8. What effect will the treatment have on my normal activities and for how long?

9. Does this treatment preclude any particular treatments in the future?

10. Is there a better drug available and could I get it via a trial?

Chemotherapy is the use of chemical substances to treat disease. In its modern-day use, it refers primarily to Cytotoxic drugs used to treat cancer.


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