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A Thin Tube used to enter the body to effect drainage, insertion or action

Bladder Catheter

A tube inserted through the urethra to drain the Bladder or to Intubate or Irrigate

The Catheter when left in situ is held in place by the inflation of a 'holding' balloon inside the Bladder when the Catheter is correctly located the balloon is inflated with approximately 100cc of inert fluid (water or similar)

Vein Catheter

A tube inserted into a vein and then guided into position to effect a repair or similar at a point distant to the point of entry. Frequently inserted in the groin to follow the blood vessels to the relevant point as in inserting a Stent into a blocked Artery.

Also a technique of isolating the Kidney from its blood supply by following the blood vessels, usually from the groin, until in position to block the blood vessel with an inflated balloon - prior to removal or operation on the Kidney


Self Catheterisation

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