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When Media & Link on KCR (KC) Details Category
02-Dec-06 Medical News Today (KC) New Hope For Children With Wilms Tumour Wilms Tumour
15-Nov-2006 The Telegraph British Kidney Cancer vaccine 'wipes out Tumours' KC / TroVax
09-Nov-07 Lancashire EP (KC) Man's cancer drugs would be free in Yorkshire Nexavar / Cyber Knife
20-Oct-06 Mercola (KC) If You Eat Lots of Bread, You Increase Your Risk of Deadly Kidney Cancer Bread / Kidney Cancer
20-Oct-06 Eureka Alert (KC) High bread consumption is associated with increased risk of renal cell carcinoma Bread / Kidney Cancer
31-Jul-2006 The Times (KC) Britain gets cancer 'wonder drug' Sutent
31-Jul-2006 The Daily Mail (KC) Magic Bullet cancer drug Sutent
26-Jul-2006 Nature (KC) Treatment for renal cancer: are we beyond the cytokine era? RE-04
26-May-07 Oxford Mail (KC) treated to remove a Wilm's tumour from her kidney Wilms Tumour

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